QuTEM adenoviral vectors

Adenoviral vectors

Adenoviral vectors (AVs) play a crucial role in both gene therapies and vaccines development. Evaluating these vectors involves analyzing key aspects like infectivity and safety. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) emerges as a powerful tool in this process. It distinguishes between intact, broken, empty or filled viral particles, irrespective of the influence of proteins, vector fragments, and other impurities associated with the vectors.  

By assessing the ratio of empty to filled particles, a clearer understanding of infectivity and transduction efficiency can be gained. Additionally, TEM serves as a valuable visual aid for identifying impurities and assessing particle integrity throughout all purification and manufacturing stages. 

QuTEM adenoviral vectors

nsTEM image of adenoviral vectors

Assessing the quality and stability with TEM

Negative stain TEM (nsTEM) visualizes morphological changes that can indicate non-optimal processing conditions or formulations that can lead to poor transgene delivery. For adenoviral vectors, this may appear as the partial or complete breakage of critical surface features, like hexons, or the aggregation of particles. Insight into these features is crucial for ensuring the stability and efficacy of adenoviral vector products.


At QuTEM, we generally offer the following analyses for adenoviral vectors.

Revealing internal structures

Cryogenic TEM (cryoTEM) reveals variations in the internal density of individual adenoviral vectors, which indicates the packaging of materials within them. By classifying these vectors based on their density profile, our clients can enhance their comprehension of their product's efficacy. 


Example reports

Download an example report that includes:

  • Analysis of an adenoviral vector sample by cryoTEM
  • Analysis of an adenoviral vector sample by nsTEM

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