Our experts perform a quantitative analysis of viral particles aggregation on TEM images with the help of our proprietary software, which semi-automatically detects and classifies individual particles and aggregates.

This insight is crucial for optimizing the stability and efficacy of virus-based vaccines and gene therapy products. Aggregation can be best seen by nsTEM.

aggregation for web

Size distribution histogram of aggregates

Evaluate your production efficacy

At QuTEM, we offer the ability to use our analytical tools to monitor clusters and aggregates of your sample over time. Individual particles and clusters/aggregates can be quantified by total number particles or as a percentage ratio of a sample.


At QuTEM, the aggregation analysis is typically performed for the following particle types:


Adenoviral vectors



Innovative analysis methods

Our analysis workflow includes:

  • Particle detection
  • Particle classification
  • Generation of a comprehensive report

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